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Mitsubishi FX Series PLC


Place of Origin:Japan

Brand Name:Mitsubishi

Model Number:FX3G-60MT/ES

Packing:Original Mitsubishi packing


Warranty:1 Year

Product Details

FX3G - Customized Control
Controllable I/O: 14 - 256 points (with CC-Link remote I/O)
Main Unit I/O: 12/24/40/60 points




  • Integrated real-time clock
  • Built-in USB port for the programming communication function to enable high-speed communication at 12Mbps
  • Two built-in variable analog potentiometers available for adjusting the timer set time

Product Details
All in one CPU uses the FX3 Series ADP bus system and new expansion boards (BD).

Instruction Times
Basic Instructions: 0.21µs / instruction (Contact Instruction)

Large Memory
32,000 steps of built-in program memory. EEPROM memory cassette with loader function is available.

Large Device Memory
Auxiliary Relays: 7,680 points
Timers: 320 points
Counters: 235 points
Data Registers: 8,000 points
Extension Registers: 24,000 points
Extension File Registers: 24,000 points