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Shenzhen WUHE Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd Founded in 2007, is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the promotion, application and service of industrial control and numerical control products. Its business involves printing and dyeing, packaging, papermaking, electric power, electroplating, municipal and other machinery manufacturing industries. After the development of almost 10 years, it currently owns three wholly-owned subsidiaries, such as Haiyi Limited, Wuhe Limited and Pengling Limited. The company was authorized the agent right respectively for the brands of MITSUBISHI and PFOFACE in Japan, DELTA and WEINVIEW in Taiwan, which makes it the key multi-brand authorized agent enterprise for industrial products. It is unique in Pearl River Delta region and even in the whole country. The company headquarters is located in Baoan district, Shenzhen, with area over 2000 square meters including office building and warehouse. After foundation, the company develops very fast. It has established business relationship with customers in hundreds of regions in China as well as abroad. Now its annual sales reach 100 million R... + More